Atherton Stairs
With 25 years in the business we install nearly all types of staircases involving wood. These would include curved stairs, spirals, combination wood, iron, glass and steel stairs. We will work with you to design and build a stair that fits in nicely with the details of your home. An estimate for new construction can be done from a set of plans detailing the stairs and railings. A visit to the site before sheetrock is recommended to see if any adjustments to the framing should be made. For remodeling staircase estimates, a meeting is usually set up at the home with pictures of options and samples. Weekends and evenings can be an option for this. I can also give ballpark estimates with emailed photos of your existing stair and a description or photo of what you have in mind. I am personally involved in the entire process from design to installation. I have always taken pride in producing exceptionally high quality work at affordable prices.